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Feb. 8th, 2011

Distant Lights

I always think that if it wasn't for the lights maybe I wouldn't have taken it so badly. Those damn lights on the horizon. I've loved those lights. Hinting at someplace else. Some escape just this side of the horizon. Staring at me like an eerily glowing omniscient pair of eyes. Of course there were other lights twinkling in the distance, but those two always stood out to me. I was never quite sure what they were, and in a way I didn't want to know. The lights weren't just lights to me.

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Apr. 19th, 2010


Just trying to get warm from the bite of ice fire,
I can’t even draw passion from the lure of kissing flame,
Looking nonchalantly to the blinding light of darkness,
My thoughts stray to the prickling of the cold sunlight again

Apr. 8th, 2010


The creature lay still on the forest floor before him, its ragged breath softly wheezing against the brown leaves. There was still something fascinatingly beautiful about it, even in the state that it was in: its dull orange fur tainted with dirt and the clotting red of its blood.

It had seemed desperate when he found it. Its eyes darting past him like he wasn’t even there. It would have kept going too. And he never would have seen it again. Never been a part of its story. But he had stopped it. Its frantic motives had made it weak, and he took advantage.

Maybe if he hadn’t been so imposing it would have left anyway but his beast was already at his feet, making any attempt to pass him useless. It was fight or flight, and it wasn’t going back the way it had come. He was standing between it and something just beyond its grasp. Something that smelt so familiar to it. So it had fought.

Adam watched as the fire burning at its tail began to dim, smoke still rising from the blacking leaves around it.  As the shade of the forest began to hug them closer, he became mesmerised by the crackling light. He wasn’t sure why this one was affecting him so strangely. Maybe it was how human it had seemed when it ran into the clearing. How hopelessly fuelled it was by some outside desire. Perhaps it was fate.

It coughed. He knew he couldn’t just leave it lying there. He had tortured it enough as it was. Calling his own creature back, he reached down to his belt.

“Wait. WAIT!”

Within seconds a girl blurred into view and skidded to the side of the motionless form.

“He’s mine!” She panted, throwing her arm over it. “Don’t you dare! He’s mine.”

Mar. 24th, 2010

Missing you.

Maybe if i turn this way instead,
then I might fall into your sleep.
I'll tie a sheet-rope to my leg,
To stop me if I fall too deep

Mar. 15th, 2010

On Time Travel

Whenever I imagine having the ability to time travel, two main situations spring into my mind. Neither are particularly good.
In one image I see myself in the future smashing picture frames.
And in the other I am in the past talking to myself. It isn't a good conversation

Mar. 13th, 2010

Humbling Entities

To the man who thinks himself stronger than the world, Death says 'One day you will die, and I will carry you the rest of the way.' and to the person who thinks that they deserve to be loved, Cupid whispers 'One day I will break your heart.'
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Mar. 6th, 2010

Nerves Pulse

They just sat there, infatuated with each other’s company. It was if time, in its jealousy, had left them far behind, and its impact was barely a star amongst the sparkling horizon. Conversation never ran dry. It was impossible. When the worlds trickled into silence conversation continued in their eyes. In the way the air moved around them, in how they shared it together.
He would look into her eyes, and hers would be locked into his. And they would be drawn into the depths of the other. A private sharing of secret worlds, slowly becoming one.
When the words were born again they didn’t just consume them with their ears. They would watch as the stories slipped, tripped and stumbled gracefully from each other’s lips. He would watch as a lock of hair drifted over her mouth, moving in time with each breath. Swish. Swish. Swish. And she would watch as the echo of his words reverberated in his chest. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse.
Eventually his face saddened as time ran to meet him. His words began to fall as he said that he would have to go and bring their meeting short. She looked at the sky with a sly smile drawn on her face, and brought to his attention some obscure topic. And he smiled and they talked for a few minutes more.
Then the words trickled away again and they sat there. He stared at her intently.
Finally she smiled guiltily and said, “Didn’t you have to go?”
Not dropping his gaze from her eyes he said, “You know I can’t leave until you say goodbye.”
She looked at him then with all sincerity, “Then I shall never say goodbye”
He couldn’t hide the smile that radiated from his face then. And time couldn’t take it away.

Nostalgia - Church Steps

In the light of a cool afternoon in spring, two kids sat together on the steps of an old church next to their primary school. I won’t describe the location any more than I have, as I am talking about the one you are thinking about.

Vanessa leaned back lazily on her elbows watching the cars drive past. Red. Blue. Green. The breeze ran slowly past her, trickling through her hair and slipping over her legs.

She watched the scene with a youthful eye, appreciating the little things. A golden brown leaf skipped by on the pavement to some unknown, but very important meet; a survivor of the leaving winter. Across the street a young couple walked intricately together, their fingers playing unsung melodies into each other’s palms. Next to her Josh sat excitedly scribbling a love letter to Miranda with his well used 2B pencil.

Miranda was a girl in their grade who Vanessa thought Josh would be very disinterested in if he actually knew her, but she would never voice this concern in exactly those words. Instead she told him that Miranda was way out of his league and that he was best to save his pencil shavings.

Josh picked up his blackened rubber and furiously erased a phrase from his soon-to-be masterpiece. There were several patches of grey splotching the page. In some places the page had become so thin you could see the blue of Josh’s shorts beneath it. These stood as remnants of the words that he couldn’t get quite right.

Vanessa turned her gaze from the street and watched him intently for a moment, placing words in her head.

“I don’t think I like the idea of a love letter,” she said. Josh stopped immediately and met her eyes. They were warm brown.

“Why not?” he said, trying to feign indifference.

“Words are great and all,” She started, “But you miss out on a lot of the good stuff”

Her eye’s wandered down to the page clutched in his desperate hand, and flickered back to the images of the street before ending up back on him again. His focus hadn’t left her eyes once.

“I don’t know,” She said. She said it out of habit. Adult’s used the phrase often, even when she was sure they absolutely did 'know'. So she sat there and subconsciously claimed that she didn’t, before moving on. “I’d much rather watch a boy’s face If he were going to tell me something so important.”

Josh kept watching

“It's hard to read the right emotion in words alone.” she said “Yes. I think I would enjoy seeing what such a face would look like. I’d rather hear it as well.”

“I guess you’re right,” Josh said turning away. His face was well and truly red now.

Vanessa felt a twinge of sadness as she watched him try to subtly scrunch up his feelings into the softness of his palm.

Josh wondered if she somehow knew that he had been writing the letter to her.

It’s curious how boys tell the girls that they love that they have a crush on somebody else.

Oct. 9th, 2009


The warm afternoon light drifted dreamily though the autumn leaves. The golden particles in the air slowly danced around each other, drifting and rising and falling. On a quiet street in suburbia four kids wandered the pathways after school.

Vanessa walked slowly, gently scuffing her chuck taylors along the pavement. She looked up through the transparent canopy from underneath her pirate hat. She had folded it carefully from the comic strip section of the paper.

Alice walked confidently, with a certain strut she had seen on video hits. She held a plastic mobile phone to her head and was talking fairly rapidly into it. An assortment of plastic coloured necklaces rattled around her neck, almost reaching her waste.

Josh held his hands above face and was admiring the way the light hit them through a pair of cardboard 3D glasses. He considered himself a film buff, and love seeing 3D movies at the local cinema. "It doesn't look as good as at the movies," he noted.

Matt dawdled a little behind. His right hand was gripping onto the string of a red coca-cola yoyo that was dragging behind him as he went. He socks were two different colours: pink and green.

None of them had much to say to each other. They were just enjoying each others company as they wandered the streets together. Soon it was dinner time and they said their goodbyes and skipped off to their houses.

Alex Field - Abstinence

I was sitting on a bus and watching the people around me. An old couple. Young lovers. A silent boy with his hoodie drawn up. A young girl wearing a floral dress showing her mum the things outside the window. I’m always very observant when watching a scene like this. I shouldn’t compare, but I do.

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